Little Shop of Horrors - Romania

Muschnick and Son
Played by: Cristian Simion and Alexandru Greorghiu

Ultra Music Festival 2017 Headliner Cypress Hillock bid a rest From Spastic Dance Music

Pitbull With speacial guests in live -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Little Shop of Horrors - Korea

Grow For Me
Played by: Yeul-Suk Sung

The Plant
Played by: Yeul-Suk Sung, (En-Suk Lee,) and Ga-En Lee


Lost in the Stars - America

Club Scene
Played by: Jeffry Chastang, Mary Moore, Brent Vance, Brenda Perry, Winston Brown, and Rod Johnson


Family Entertainment

The African Company Presents
Richard the III
- America

Played by: Jennifer Jeter, Karen Sue Knowlton, Bobby Gulley, Daniel W. McElhaney, Jordan Pierce Murphy, Tom C. Barnes


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