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Architecture: Looking Skyward in Lower ManhattanGehry, Frank5/30/2008 10:31 PM
Frank Gehry’s 76-story Beekman Tower, which is under construction just south of City Hall and whose latest design was released on Friday, should be considered long overdue.

Michelangelo for Readers With Deep PocketsArt5/31/2008 1:04 AM
The gala presentation of “Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano,” a volume of photographs of the Renaissance master’s sculptures, may well have been the most lavish book debut in history.

Museum Review: Seattle Asian Museum Moves Around the Corner and Into Its IdentityWing Luke Asian Museum5/31/2008 4:23 AM
As the Wing Luke Asian Museum reopens on Saturday, the celebrations are about more than mere institutional accomplishments.

Art Review: From Britain, a Trove of Glittering PrizesMetropolitan Museum of Art5/30/2008 10:10 PM
Not every exhibition has to be more than the sum of its parts, especially when the parts are as gratifying as those making up “Medieval and Renaissance Treasures From the Victoria and Albert Museum” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Art Review | Anish Kapoor: Sculptor as MagicianSculpture5/30/2008 1:46 PM
Anish Kapoor’s pieces dispense multiple visual thrills and mysteries, as seen at a well-chosen survey at the Institute of Contemporary Art and at the Gladstone Gallery.

Art Review | 'Glossolalia': Each Experience Speaks Its Own LanguageArt5/30/2008 8:48 PM
The Museum of Modern Art presents a delightfully unpredictable mix of drawings by self-taught outsider artists and idiosyncratic but conventionally trained professionals.

Art Review: Where Have All the Paintings Gone? To the National AcademyArt5/29/2008 9:07 PM
At the National Academy’s annual exhibition, abstract painting reigns, sculpture is small and nonthreatening, and photography is practically nonexistent.

Art Review: Life in Iran, Etched With Suspicion and HumorArt5/29/2008 9:04 PM
In Ardeshir Mohassess’s drawings, the coded beauty of traditional Persian art comes face to face with the ugliness of successive autocratic regimes.

Inside Art: Adding One More Work to Hals’s PortfolioArt5/29/2008 11:50 PM
In July, a painting by Frans Hals of Willem van Heythuysen is to go on the block at Sotheby’s in London, where it is expected to fetch about $6 million to $10 million.

Antiques: Chateau’s Monkey Room Is Lovingly RestoredArt5/29/2008 11:52 PM
The restoration of one of the most famous 18th-century rooms in France, finished this spring, was warmly welcomed.




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