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Ashley Pilon


Grade 12 Essay Award Winner 2009


Family Circle
 by: Ashley Pilon 
Deep in the Boreal Forest lies a friendly little town. Glorious spruce trees stand at attention guarding the borders with their cavernous green branches. The adorable animals frolic on the outskirts of this petite niche. Animals are seen daily and give this town a connection to the Earth. Everyone knows everyone, which makes this town a safe place to live. All this sounds like a town right out of a fairy tale book, but no - it is real. Its name is Hudson Bay and it is my hometown.
            Growing up in Hudson Bay has taught me lessons that have benefited me and will benefit me in the future.   Being respectful of the environment and nature is one of these lessons. In addition, children who grow up living close to the forest and wild animals know how to act if ever put in a situation requiring survival skills. 
      Another lesson that I have learned living in Hudson Bay is that nothing can ever be taken for granted. Finding instructors for various community activities such as dance, and figure skating is a challenging task. Even though it is hard, this downfall still brings the community together. The town supports every minor fundraiser and performance held, which keeps the town enjoyable and warm. Small contributions are always rewarded with a smile or a heart-felt thank you. This brightens everyone’s day.
     The opportunities in Hudson Bay are endless. There are several activities offered to the youth at an affordable rate. Swimming lessons, skating, hockey, karate, Ukrainian dance, bowling, curling, baseball, ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop are a few. There are also many clubs that the youth can be apart of such as: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, church youth groups and 4H. The executive of each organization works hard to establish and maintain these clubs so the youth of Hudson Bay can be active
            Living in a town containing only fifteen hundred people makes it safe for anyone to walk down the street at any time of the day. Groups of friends can walk uptown to have dinner together and not be worried about what is lurking in the back alleys. While walking down the street, various people greet you and ask about your day. These conversations throughout the day make you feel like you are famous. Everyone seems to know who you are and who your parents are. If you were to walk down the streets in a large urban centre, it would be the direct opposite. While passing someone they would have fear-filled eyes that flash down as soon as eye contact is present. Walking down the streets of Hudson Bay you feel welcomed and well-respected, even though you are one individual out of the six billion individuals inhabiting this world, you are still unique. Your confidence is built to extraordinary heights where you feel you can achieve greatness.
            Since the town is small, the number of students enrolled in classes at the elementary and the high school average about twenty students per class, which benefits the students because individual assistance can be given that will help them in future endeavours. Knowing your teacher’s name and every student in the school makes the student body feel like an extended family. This feeling can only be achieved in a small community.   
The scenery in Hudson Bay is so beautiful that it inspires the imagination and mind. The lush green forest sprinkled with vibrant orange tiger lilies make the evening walks down the trails an experience that cannot be described in mere words. The stunning spruce trees with small furry creatures inhabiting every nook and cranny put the final touches on Hudson Bay. It has all the components that need to be in place to develop a well-rounded and functioning member of society. These components are a loving, family like community, a welcoming atmosphere, and an inspiring background.   Our homes create a circle of life with the houses forming a neighbourhood, but the people forming it into a caring community.

“Houses can form a neighborhood but only people can make it a community."

Community is an essential part of family, of lifestyle, and of real estate.

Understanding local conditions in Hudson Bay & Yorkton is important when it comes to buying and selling real estate, but the neighborhood you choose can have a dramatic impact on all other aspects of your life as well.

Please feel free to browse through the complimentary Hudson Bay & Yorkton information I’ve provided.

When it’s time to move, call me to get a representative on your side who has experience, Hudson Bay & Yorkton market knowledge, and the confidence to help you make the best transaction possible. Enjoy!  Corinne

Community Information

Hudson Bay & Yorkton is more vibrant than ever!  There is always something exciting to do or see.  Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply hanging out and enjoying Hudson Bay &Yorkton’s unique culture. It is the people that make Hudson Bay & Yorkton special.  This is a place to work, live and call home. 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

1. Make a list of all of the amenities that are close by in the neighborhood you are considering as your new residence.  Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not.

2. Determine what the best features of the neighborhoods are.  This is especially helpful if you are deciding between a few different neighborhoods.

Are there parks nearby?
Is it scenic and visually appealing?
Are there quiet areas, streets, culs de sac?
Are the people friendly in the neighborhood?
Is the neighborhood clean?  Yards, streets, parks?
Are there nice trees and foliage?
Do the lots have large or small yards?
Are there walkways and are they easily accessible?
Is it a safe neighborhood?
What are the market values of the homes in the area?
Are there many houses for sale?
How long ago was the community developed?
What is the average age of the people in the area?
Are there families with small children in the area?
What is the proximity to schools?
Are there community events or organizations?

3. Walk around in the neighborhood.  The best way to determine the cleanliness and friendliness of the neighborhood is to walk around in it and meet its residents.




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