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Grade 12 Essay Award Winner 2011

Friendly Community, Small Town Haven


By Kacie Kushniruk


          When you think of “small-town living” many things come to mind: the smell of green, rich spruce trees,  the peace and quiet of streets at night time, and the feeling  of friends and family close by, within the heart of a beautiful community. Hudson Bay is exactly that, and so much more. Located in the East-central part of Saskatchewan, Hudson Bay holds its vibrant population and breathtaking scenic views within the Red Deer Valley. Hudson Bay was not always a town, however; in 1907 it was formally known as a village, which was established by a man by the name of Mr. B.F. Noble. Over a number of years, more and more people began to come together to make Hudson Bay what it truly is today: a fresh, modern community, still with an educated and appreciated sense of the pioneer olden days.

            Hudson Bay is really the most versatile place to live when it comes to hobbies and interests. Whether you enjoy snow-mobiling and ATVing, or you have a knack for artwork and experimenting with your creative side, Hudson Bay offers it all. We provide tourists with almost 600 km of well-groomed and extremely cautious snow-mobile trails and warm-up shacks, as well as hundreds of extra miles of un-groomed trails to ride on. Hudson Bay is surrounded by  the Porcupine Provincial Forest and the Pasquia Provincial Forest, which let certain adventurers get a feel for the real meaning of “backwoods” entertainment. There are also a number of various fishing and camping lakes nearby that are of popularity to local residents; Elbow Lake, McBride Lake, Parr Hill Lake, Saginas Lake, and Townsend Lake are just to name a few. Even if you are the type of nature-folk who enjoys the abundance of wildlife, extraordinary scenic views, and the richest of soil for farming, Hudson Bay is the place to be. The Hudson Bay Allied Arts Council never fails to bring in the most successful and artistic performances to entertain for the community. A widely known event they sponsor is the “Visual Art” show that is showcased in the council chambers at the Town of Hudson Bay. They also host the annual Carol Festival in which local people showcase their very own talents to the community.  These few attractions and festivities are few of the many kinds of hobbies and clubs that Hudson Bay has to offer. There are over eighty organizations which enable individuals with different interests to grasp all of the opportunities Hudson Bay has to offer. Service clubs include Rotary Club, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Elks and Royal Purple, Royal Canadian Legion: Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Health Care Auxiliary, and the Hudson Bay Branch of the Sask. Wildlife Federation. Many of the youth activities would not be possible if it weren’t for the number of different centres available. These include: Hudson Bay Aquatic Centre, Curling Rink, and community Wally Dawyduk Arena. There is also a skateboard park, numerous baseball diamonds, a fitness center, and the Regional Park. Youth organizations include 4-H, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Hudson Bay Dance Club, Gymnastics Club, Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, Darts, Karate, and Minor Ball and Softball. This town continues to grow as a fun and exciting place for people of all ages because of the many activities and organizations we have access to.

            The education systems Hudson Bay provides is fantastic. With a number of pre-school programs, an elementary school from Kindergarten to Grade 6, and a high school from Grades 7-12, students get the privilege of smaller class sizes, one on one time with their teachers, and a student body small enough to get to know their fellow peers and classmates on a personal level that brings everyone in the school come together. The youth is extremely important to this town, and there are a number of programs such as the DARE and PARTY programs that help students become aware of safety and how to prevent trauma and accidents from occurring. The Fire department, RCMP, and family and community hospital are all involved together, in helping to educate and inform the youth of this community. There are also opportunities to attend Cumberland Regional College.  Whether you are looking to start an education, change your career path, or upgrade your high school marks, our college has a local co-ordinator and qualified instructors that can help you pursue and reach your goals.

            Growing up in Hudson Bay has given me a great appreciation for the perks and advantages of small town living. It has influenced me to become the person I am today, with the values and beliefs that I hold for myself. In a small town, you don’t have to deal with all of the “hustle and bustle” that goes on in a big city. In Hudson Bay streets are often quiet and peaceful, but anytime you see someone you always stop to chat and greet each other. Everyone is always interested in people’s daily lives and what is going on with each other. In a small town, everybody knows everybody, and there is a sense of belonging and caring between citizens. The neighbourhoods in Hudson Bay offer older homes, newerhomes, and the option of living in town or on a beautiful acreage. There are plenty of opportunities for families to take a house and make it a home.  

            With a population of 1800 people, Hudson Bay carries a genuine charm that initiates its members to become close and personal in a friendly manner. Whenever someone is in need, there are always people there to help. Whenever somebody new comes along, there are always people there to welcome them. Sometimes events occur, and we are forced to face different types of setbacks. When this happens, we are also forced to come together, and learn that it is important to help each other out to succeed as one big family. We experience both the hard times, and the good times, but we do it together, and that is what is important. With its relaxed, laid-back feeling, Hudson Bay brings the most admirable qualities possible out of a person. It subconsciously makes you whole-hearted towards everyone else around you. It also educates a person on the importance of supporting and encouraging one another. We continue to grow and strive for community spirit in a rich and positive way.

            Hudson Bay is a great place to live for many reasons. It offers a number of activities and organizations that help people to become involved as a contributing member of society.Hudson Bay is without a doubt, the best place to create memories. I have lived in this town my entire life, and would not have it any other way. Some of my most fondest memories of not only childhood, but high school as well, have occurred in my very hometown, some that include: sledding out at Hardy’s Hill, picnics with my grandma in Bennett’s Park, heading down to Lynn’s Drive-Thru with a car load of friends, and hitting up the awesome snow-mobile trails to roast hotdogs and sip hot chocolate at the warm-up shacks with family and friends. It provides and promotes opportunities for citizens to explore interests, hobbies, and talents. Hudson Bay gives peoplethe feeling of small-town living, and the sense and true-meaning of friendship, community pride, and most importantly, what it really means to feel at home.  




Grade 12 Essay Award Winner 2010

Kelcie Menzies


Hometown Glory by Kelcie Menzies

   A community is a group of people living in a particular local area. I believe that where you come from shapes who you are as an individual. Whether a small town girl to a young teen growing up on the main streets of New York, the place you live has an impact on who you become.

                Hudson Bay has been my hometown for seventeen years and I have loved every minute of it. We are a vibrant and friendly community of 2,000 smiling faces. Our lovely town is nestled in the Red Deer Valley, between the Porcupine and Pasquia Hills in North East Saskatchewan. Our picturesque town is full of adventure, enthusiasm, and hometown glory. Hudson Bay is widely known for its forestry, agriculture, wildlife and snowmobiling trails. We may be small compared to others but that has never stopped us from reaching far past our potential of being as close of a community as we can be. Hudson Bay has way more to offer than it may seem. We're not just a hick town in the middle of nowhere doing nothing but going to school and farming. Hudson Bay is a community exuding heart and pride. When you live in such a small community you appreciate the local teams and businesses more than you do in the city. You don't take things for granted because that is not the way you were raised.

               Living in a small town is tremendously different than living in a city like Saskatoon or Regina. For one, the population goes from one extreme to another. Also, in a small town you can walk down the street and guarantee you stop at least once to talk to someone on your way. In Hudson Bay I can walk down any street at any hour of the day and feel safe, unlike in the city where people know that when the sun goes down it's not a good idea to be walking about by yourself. In Hudson Bay everyone knows everyone, which is a good and a bad thing. You're known by almost the whole town because when you only have 2,000 people you get to know each other a lot quicker. Also, in Hudson Bay you are not just another face on the street like you are in the city. Here in Hudson Bay you are who you are, not just a girl walking down the street; you're Kelcie Menzies and everyone knows that. The beauty of growing up in a rural community like Hudson Bay is that every morning you awaken to birds singing and you drift to sleep listening to the coyotes howling in the distance and the train horn as it crosses the tracks. In the city you go to sleep to the sound of screeching car tires and sirens blaring and you wake up to the same sound that put you to sleep the night before.

               I can honestly say that I am who I am today partly because of Hudson Bay. The way I was raised and the community I grew up in had a huge impact on me as a person. I was taught to treat people the way I wanted to be treated and to love and appreciate where I came from. When I was little I never appreciated how good Hudson Bay and the people in it have been to me. Hudson Bay has been nothing but extremely good to me it hasn't made me scared to walk around at night alone or to have any reason to possess profound hatred for this town. Hudson Bay is safe to me and nothing is better or more important in my mind than feeling safe wherever you are. I would recommend coming to Hudson Bay if you want a quiet and safe community. In Hudson Bay you can let your children roam free and not be scared that someone will take them away. Hudson Bay is a great town to raise a family and I would encourage all people who are thinking about moving here to pack their van and come on down. You will love it!

               In a few months I'm going to be packing up all my things and heading off to college. I don't want to leave this place I call home. I'm scared to leave Hudson Bay because I know that wherever I go it won't be home to me. My true home will always and forever be Hudson Bay. People may want to get as far away from Hudson Bay as they can, but not me. It's been a part of me for seventeen years and I can't just part with it like it's nothing. It's not nothing; it's everything to me. I am going to miss the smell of my town, and the pesky mosquitoes that you get so mad at when you wear shorts to an outside function. I will miss all the smiling faces around every corner, the sound of cars going around the bypass; the parks where I spent countless hours just swinging on the swings or racing someone down the slides; the schools for teaching me the fundamentals and for letting me know that it is important to care about my future. Likewise, I won't forget my family who has always been there for me, or my friends whom I will never forget or the 3 o'clock CN train that blows its horn while it crosses the tracks, or the Rider football games or the weekend wiener roasts at Ruby Lake.

               Hudson Bay will never lose its place in my heart because nothing will ever come close to my first and true hometown. For me, the magic of my small town will fill my head with its memories forever.

Ashley Pilon


Grade 12 Essay Award Winner 2009

Family Circle 


Ashley Pilon


Deep in the Boreal Forest lies a friendly little town. Glorious spruce trees stand at attention guarding the borders with their cavernous green branches. The adorable animals frolic on the outskirts of this petite niche. Animals are seen daily and give this town a connection to the Earth. Everyone knows everyone, which makes this town a safe place to live. All this sounds like a town right out of a fairy tale book, but no - it is real. Its name is Hudson Bay and it is my hometown.

            Growing up in Hudson Bay has taught me lessons that have benefited me and will benefit me in the future.   Being respectful of the environment and nature is one of these lessons. In addition, children who grow up living close to the forest and wild animals know how to act if ever put in a situation requiring survival skills.

      Another lesson that I have learned living in Hudson Bay is that nothing can ever be taken for granted. Finding instructors for various community activities such as dance, and figure skating is a challenging task. Even though it is hard, this downfall still brings the community together. The town supports every minor fundraiser and performance held, which keeps the town enjoyable and warm. Small contributions are always rewarded with a smile or a heart-felt thank you. This brightens everyone’s day.

     The opportunities in Hudson Bay are endless. There are several activities offered to the youth at an affordable rate. Swimming lessons, skating, hockey, karate, Ukrainian dance, bowling, curling, baseball, ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop are a few. There are also many clubs that the youth can be apart of such as: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, church youth groups and 4H. The executive of each organization works hard to establish and maintain these clubs so the youth of Hudson Bay can be active

            Living in a town containing only fifteen hundred people makes it safe for anyone to walk down the street at any time of the day. Groups of friends can walk uptown to have dinner together and not be worried about what is lurking in the back alleys. While walking down the street, various people greet you and ask about your day. These conversations throughout the day make you feel like you are famous. Everyone seems to know who you are and who your parents are. If you were to walk down the streets in a large urban centre, it would be the direct opposite. While passing someone they would have fear-filled eyes that flash down as soon as eye contact is present. Walking down the streets of Hudson Bay you feel welcomed and well-respected, even though you are one individual out of the six billion individuals inhabiting this world, you are still unique. Your confidence is built to extraordinary heights where you feel you can achieve greatness.

            Since the town is small, the number of students enrolled in classes at the elementary and the high school average about twenty students per class, which benefits the students because individual assistance can be given that will help them in future endeavours. Knowing your teacher’s name and every student in the school makes the student body feel like an extended family. This feeling can only be achieved in a small community.   

The scenery in Hudson Bay is so beautiful that it inspires the imagination and mind. The lush green forest sprinkled with vibrant orange tiger lilies make the evening walks down the trails an experience that cannot be described in mere words. The stunning spruce trees with small furry creatures inhabiting every nook and cranny put the final touches on Hudson Bay. It has all the components that need to be in place to develop a well-rounded and functioning member of society. These components are a loving, family like community, a welcoming atmosphere, and an inspiring background.   Our homes create a circle of life with the houses forming a neighbourhood, but the people forming it into a caring community.






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